Museums: The first museum in Lithuania – Baubliai – Hollow Trunks of Dionizas Poška was founded in 1812. The museum – hometown house of a great Lithuanian pilot Stasys Girėnas, who crossed the Atlantic by the plane Lituanika, is in Vytogala village. The museum of a great linguist Kazimieras Jaunius is in Lembas village. Other museums are: the Museum of Folk Crafts in Upyna, Šilalė Museum of Vladas Statkevičius.

Churches. The region of Šilalė is exclusive because of its churches, especially wooden buildings with their unique architecture. Many visitors admire the “Chapel in the Chapel” in Drungeliškės village, which has no analogues in the world. The Church of Blessed Virgin Mary (Snowy) in Girdiškė is the only church with oak altars in Lithuania. Also very impressive Šilalė Church of St. Francis of Assisi built in neo-Gothic design, with a 60 meter tower.

Natural objects. Šilalė region is famous for its even 33 hills and mounds. The highest mound is Medvėgalis (234.5 m). The River Jūra, with its abundance of fringes and picturesque valleys, attracts many canoers. The Sietuva kūlgrinda is a stone-based underwater pathway and it is the only one in Lithuania that is still used and adapted to tourism.

Monuments, crosses. There are many monuments dedicated to Fighters for Liberation in the district of Šilalė. There is a partisan underground cave in Didkiemis eldership. The Exiles Square in Pajūris eldership has been currently renewed. The land is also famous for craftsmen who make crosses, as well as many crosses built by roads and abundance of chapels. This feature makes the area well known not only in Lithuania, but also around the world. The monument Herald of Freedom was the first in Lithuania built to commemorate the event of Restoration of Lithaunian Independence on 11th March, 1990. The house of exile, doctor and writer Dalia Grinkevičiūtė is in Laukuva eldership. She is the author of memoirs Lithuanians by the Laptev Sea.

Recreation and other places to spend your leisure time. Pajūris recreation area, camping place by Paršežeris lake, Šilalė town pond with fountain scenery, Kelpšaičiai park, etc.